Zentangle® Class – Introduction to Zentangle Renaissance

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Introduction to Zentangle Renaissance

Note: This class is open to anyone who has previously taken an “Introduction to Zentangle” class with me.

Cost: as per standard class fees if privately scheduled (supplies additional)

During the Renaissance a drawing technique called Chiaroscuro emerged in the fine art world. These
types of drawings were done on subtly coloured or toned paper, usually grey or tan. Using the paper as a
neutral starting point, the artist would then use white pencil or paint to work towards light or create
highlights and then use black ink and graphite to work towards dark or create shading. This technique
opened up opportunity to exemplify the juxtaposition of light and dark. You will also find drawings from
this period subtly incorporating the use of earthy colors such as brown, sepia, terra cotta, warm grey, and
cool grey.

This style became iconic in referencing art from the Renaissance, and the approach to drawing
and painting transcended far beyond the time and remains a quintessential art technique
used by artists today.

This class will introduce students to how the Zentangle Method and components of this Renaissance drawing
technique come together. Students will become familiar with the techniques that will give their work
that recognizable Renaissance look and feel, exploring tangles from a new angle. Working on
Zentangle Renaissance Tiles, students will use brown, black, and white pens to work the surface, and
continue to create shadows and highlights with graphite and white charcoal pencils.

An additional charge for specialized tiles and tools will apply and will be noted on the registration page. Students should also bring the supply kit they received in their “Introduction to Zentangle” class; alternatively, additional supplies will be available to purchase at class.